What We Offer

GPU acting Weird? We fix all kinds of graphics card problems. Tell us what's wrong, we'll get you back in the game!

Deep Clean

Thoroughly clean the pcb with an ultrasonic cleaner. Thermal paste change included.

Memory Replacement

Graphics card memory issue diagnosis and replacement service

Short Graphics Card Fix

Pc doesn't boot after graphics card installation? Shorted GPU's fixed in no time.

No Power Graphics card Repair

GPU with no power draw no fan spin fixed in no time

Oxidation Removal

Oxidation removal through combination of heat treatment, ultrasonic cleaning and resoldering.

Chip Replacement

Replacement of Chips for dead cards. Please call us for availability.

Burn Damage Repair

Don't lose hope on your burnt GPU. They can be fixed too.

Artifacting, No Display after Driver installation

Having Glitches and artifacts. we can fix it.